Tree Pruning

Promote Long-Term Tree Health

Tree Pruning

What Exactly Is Tree Pruning?

Servicing Ocean County, Monmouth County, Southern Middlesex County, and Eastern Mercer County

Including Colts Neck, Holmdel, Jackson, Freehold, Toms River, & Spring Lake, NJ

Pruning, by definition, is the removal of plant parts for a specific aesthetic or tree health purpose. Most commonly, this includes tree crowning, where limbs are removed from the top of the tree. Usually, the objective for this service is to remove dead or diseased limbs or to provide clearance from homes, wires, pools and traffic. Tree pruning can also include bud removal to slow or redirect growth, and bark tracing in the event of a storm or car accident.

Promoting Long-Term Tree Health

While trees are inanimate objects, it's important to remember that they are living biological systems, and any action taken will affect their long term health - and the health of your wallet.

While pruning can be one of the best things for establishing good tree structure and safety, improper tree pruning practices-such as flush cutting and climbing with spurs-can have an adverse effect on your tree's health. Additionally, this can cause problems in the future, making it more costly to maintain your trees.

How Do I Know What and What Not to Prune?

Whether you are looking to improve your tree's overall health or simply bring more light to your pool or yard, you can rest assured that Aspen Tree Expert Co.'s skilled tree pruning professionals can help you make the best decision on how to achieve your goals, while also maintaining your tree's biological needs.

And, no matter where you are, Aspen Tree Expert Co. Inc. will come to you for a FREE on-site estimate. That includes locations throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County, Southern Middlesex County, and Eastern Mercer County including:

Jackson, NJ
Wall, NJ
Freehold, NJ
Holmdel, NJ
Toms River, NJ
Colts Neck, NJ
Spring Lake, NJ

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