Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly, a serious invasive pest, has moved into the area.  Sightings have been confirmed in Marlboro, Millstone, Hamilton, West Windsor, and Jackson. Currently the insect can be found in its adult life stage. When the wings are spread the distinct red color is displayed however most of the time, they will be seen with there wings closed showing their brownish-gray color and black spots. In the coming weeks SLF will start laying eggs. The egg masses look like patches of mud and can be laid on the bark of the trees on any smooth surface, including cars, boats, and RV’s, so be careful you don’t transport them to a new location! If possible, the egg masses should be scraped off into alcohol to prevent them from hatching.  Spotted Lantern fly prefers the invasive and weedy tree of heaven, but also feeds on maples, ornamental cherries, fruit trees and grape vines, among other species.  This invasive pest is known to do a lot of damage to plants and create a sticky mess of your property.  For treatments please call the Aspen office for an estimate!

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