What is a Spotted Lantern Fly?

The Spotted Lanternfly is a fast moving invasive plant hopper. This invasive pest is native to Southeast Asia and was first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014. They are spreading rapidly and present a serious threat to gardens, orchards, and woodlands. Early detection of this invasive pest is the key to protecting crops such as grapes, apples, stone fruits and hardwoods. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that invasive pests will have an impact on the environment similar to, if not greater than global warming.

Spotted Lantern Fly Life Cycle

A fully grown SLF is 1nch long

What You Can Do To Reduce SLF

Regular Treatments: Surface sprays to trees both in early spring as soon as you notice them hatch and again in the fall before they start producing egg masses.

Remove Tree of Heaven: Tree of Heaven is the SLF preferred home. The pests also feed on a large variety of plants and trees, many of which could be in your backyard.

Scrape Egg Masses: Check for egg masses on tree bark, cement blocks, rocks, and other hard surfaces. Scrape off these masses and burn them in a fireproof container or place in rubbing alcohol."

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