Lace Bug

This pest is commonly found on popular shrubs like azaleas and Japanese andromeda and also on many types of shade trees like oaks and sycamores.  Foliar damage can be quite severe if the plants are grown in full sun. Nymphs and adults feed on the underside of the leaf and the damage is displayed on the upper part of the leaf in the form of yellow stippling, making the leaves appear bleached.  There can be 3 to 4 generations of lace bug per year ranging from late May to September. Eggs are laid on the underside of the leaf and covered in a dark varnish like drop of excrement. We can use a registered pesticide to help control this insect from late May to early June when the nymphs are young to limit the damage done to the leaves and reduce the summer stress level of the plants and preserve their aesthetic appearance.

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