A Bit About Our History

A Bit About Our History


Aspen Tree Expert Co., Inc was started in 1976. Since that time, the business has grown, and our involvement in the tree care industry has grown also. Steve Chisholm, President of Aspen, is also involved in many aspects of the industry, both in New Jersey and nationally.

A large part of the success of Aspen Tree Expert Co. is due to the fact that our company is truly a family business. Stephen Chisholm, Jr. is a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert, CTE#330 and is also involved in the industry in many areas.

Mark Chisholm, a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert, CTE#348. Mark’s involvement is specifically as a top climber at Aspen, and he has represented New Jersey as our state climbing champion at the International Tree Climbing Championships for the past 20 years. Mark is an nineteen-time NJ Tree Climbing Champion and three-time World Champion winning his third World title in 2010. Mark was World Champion in 1997 and 2001, and had second place finishes in 1996 and 2000. He has appeared at TCI Expo for the past several years doing climbing demonstrations, and frequently does climbing seminars in New Jersey and nationwide. He is also currently the spokesperson for Stihl and New England Rope, representing their interests across the country at various seminars and trade shows, as well as overseas.

All three Chisholms are instructors at Cook College, Rutgers University, teaching such topics as Hazardous Tree Identification, Large Tree Pruning, Climbing and Rigging and Diagnosing Tree Problems. Stephen and Mark also teach short courses with Cornell University Extension Service in New York and The Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia.

The Chisholm men are not the only family members on this “family tree.” Laura Chisholm is the office manager at Aspen Tree. She is also a NJ Certified Tree Expert, CTE#343, and President of the NJ Society of Certified Tree Experts and on the Board of Directors of the NJ Shade Tree Federation. In fact, the Chisholm family is the first family of four CTE’s in one family in New Jersey. All are also ISA Certified Arborists, and all four have been awarded the prestigious “Arborist of the Year” award by the Arborist Association of New Jersey. Further family involvement extends to Connie Chisholm, Stephen’s wife, who is the assistant office manager and former secretary for the New Jersey Society of Certified Tree Experts.

The history and involvement of the family is evidenced by our “extended family“ also, which includes five other NJ Certified Tree Experts, four ISA Certified Arborists, previous Arborist Association of NJ board members, and Arborist of the Year winner Paul Blejwas. Our employees are the most qualified anywhere, and are all trained professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise.

We take great pride in our 40 years of experience and service to an industry we love.

Why Choose Aspen for your tree service needs?

There are many differences in tree services, as with any other business. We pride ourselves on the high standards we have set and maintained for over 40 years. We have nine New Jersey Certified Tree Experts, seven ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborists, five NJ Licensed Pesticide Applicators, and three CAA (Committee for the Advancement of Arboriculture) rated Master Arborists on staff to supervise all jobs, big or small, to ensure our customers of the highest quality professional service.

We also have two Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff to ensure the safety of our crews, and to provide the safest work environment possible for our customers.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Arborist

• Will a NJ Certified Tree Expert be on site to supervise the work?

• Will they prune the entire tree and not just elevate lower limbs?

• Will they follow the NJ Tree Pruning Standards?

• Will they guarantee that no trees will be pruned using climbing spurs, which are injurious to trees?

• Will they submit the types of pruning definitions to demonstrate their knowledge of proper pruning cuts being made to the branch collar so as not to damage the trees?

• Will they abide by OSHA and ANSI regulations for safety and prove that they have been adequately trained?

• Do they carry adequate insurance, including workers compensation for tree service, and not just “contractor’s liability?”

• Will they take precautions to protect your lawn from damage caused by heavy equipment?

• Will they treat your property with respect?

Positions We Hold in Our Industry

Steve Chisholm:
President: NJ Board of Certified Tree Experts, CTE#248
Chair: NJ Community Forestry Council
Board Member: Committee for the Advancement of Arboriculture
Member: Tree Care Industry Association
Member: New Jersey Arborists Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture Member: ANSI Z133.1 Committee
Chairman: Jackson Township Shade Tree Commission

Steve Chisholm, Jr:
President: The Society of Commercial Arboriculture
Vice President: The Society of Certified Tree Experts
Board Member: Committee for the Advancement of Arboriculture
Past President: NJ Arborists Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture
TREE Fund Liaison: New Jersey Arborists Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture

Mark Chisholm:
President Elect of the NJ Arborists Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture
Past President: NJ Arborists Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture
Member: Tree Care Industry Association
Alternate Member: ANSI Z133.1 Safety Committee
Committee Member: International Society of Arboriculture Advisory Committee